Sizes are measured by the length of the longest side.
Upload your track and see how it will look: Loop trails tend to render more square, while linear trails might become rectangular.

Quality & Details


The trophies are 3D Printed in full color,
Made in Sandstone (gypsum-based powder bound together with an adhesive and simultaneously embedded with an ink jet head.)

  • The prints are hard, rigid and slightly brittle.
  • This material is not watertight, not dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not food-safe.
  • Intended for decorative purposes.
  • To be kept away from heat, water and avoid contact with electricity.
  • The colors used are similar to Inkjet Printer coloring.
  • Prints are coated with a protective layer, but caution with scratches and exposure to strong UV is recommended.
  • 3D print in colour is a novel technology, and it is not as vivid and detailed as a printed photo. Colours tend to be a bit darker and large terrain features like valleys, rivers and peaks are visible, but not in sharp detail. 
Colors are good for a 3D printed piece, but far from being photo quality.

Colors are good for a 3D printed piece, but far from being photo quality.

The models are hollow, with a wall thickness of about 3mm.


What is nicetrails?
It is an tool to visualise GPS tracks in 3D and order them as real objects.

Why do I need this?
To share: view and share your outdoor activities in 3D. 
As a gift & memory: a personal trophy of your own achievements.

How much does it cost?
Price: €99 - €149 - €249 - Free worldwide shipping included.

How can I create a 3D track?
Uploading a GPS track (.gpx file) on the main page of will load a 3D visualisation of your track.

How to get a GPS track? 
Most GPS trackers like Garmin device or Suunto watches create .gpx files. 
If you use a GPS tracking App on your Android or IOS, you normally can download tracks as .gpx files.
Trail sharing sites like Strava, Wikiloc or also allow you to download .gpx files.

Which kind of track can I use on
Any kind of trails will work; short, long, hiking trails, cycling trails…
You can use a short family walk, to 5 days climb to Kilimanjaro. 
Check the gallery for examples.

Tracks <100km look nicer, as the altitude is more visible.

What do I need to view the trail in 3D?
Any modern web browser will do. (With Javascript & WebGL enabled).