You have gone outdoors, walked beautiful paths and hiked mountains,
Now you can turn those trails into real objects, trophies of your achievements.
It makes a great gift. 

it is free to upload a .gpx track and view it in 3D,
No login needed.

When you order a nicetrails, you’ll get it in your home in about two weeks. Free shipping worldwide.


One day, back from climbing the Mt.Rainier I was re-visiting the trail with my phone and while I was so proud and happy of the hike, I felt that that line on a flat map didn’t quite represented the awesomeness of the day spent conquering the top. So I really wanted to view my track in 3D, to see the crests and valleys that I crossed.

So, back on my laptop, I searched around the web to find a way to upload the track to a trails sharing site, and export it as a filetype readable in google earth.
Great! now I was seeing my route in 3D.

Then, using some open source map data, and CAD modelling skills I managed to build a digital mountain and 3D printed it, and it looked amazing.

so, why not automate all the steps into one-click tool to turn gps trails into 3D models?

And that’s what we do at nicetrails; you can take any trail from your GPS tracker, phone or trail-sharing site, visualise it instantly in 3D, and turn it into a real object.

With the magic of 3D Printing.


nicetrails.com is a project by:
Bernat Cuní | cunicode | designer
Oscar Ardaiz | PhD in Computer Science

With the support of: 

FABulous | The European 3D Printing Accelerator

FABulous aims to foster the innovation and web-entrepreneurship ecosystem for 3D printing in Europe bringing together FI assets, infrastructures and investors with innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of design manufacturing, logistics and content-based services to establish the European Network of Manufacturing Innovation Labs.

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  2. View the trail in 3D
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